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5 Considerations for Finding Killer Boston Surf Spots

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 24, 2015 9:00:00 AM / by Joe MacGregor

If you are learning how to surf in Boston or are just new to the area, finding the right spot might be difficult. Here are our top 5 considerations when finding a killer Boston surf spot: 

  1. Know your skill level – it is important to choose a spot that is appropriate for your skill level. For beginners it is essential to pick a smaller, mushier wave while an advanced surfer might want a larger, more powerful wave.

  2. Check the conditions – ocean swell, weather and tides all play a huge factor in conditions. Depending on the location and type of break, certain conditions could prove to be better for a spot. Researching a spot ahead of time and checking the forecast is always a great move.

  3. Entrance and exit strategy – scope out the spot before getting in the water. Obstructions and ocean currents can make it difficult to paddle in or out. Try talking to a surfer that is finishing up a session for advice.

  4. Look out for crowds – when conditions are good, popular spots can attract a large crowd.  Surfing these spots during off times, when people are less likely to be there, gives you an opportunity to get in the lineup and catch more waves.

  5. Watch out for your safety – recognize that not all surf spots or conditions are for everyone. You should choose a spot where you feel comfortable and can have fun.

Check out our insiders surf map  for more Boston surf spot insights.


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Joe MacGregor

Written by Joe MacGregor

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